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Marisa Miller Interview

Model of the Week: Marisa Miller

As the new face of Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Dare fragrance, Marisa Miller is on the road to being a one-namer (think Heidi, Cindy, Naomi). I caught up with her recently in New York and got her to spill some beauty secrets. Most surprising, however, was that the California native has eschewed suntanning over the last few years and believes it has saved her skin. "I was just talking to Linda Hay, the head makeup artist for Victoria's Secret, and she said my skin looks better now than when I started five years ago. It's because I‘ve stayed out of the sun the last two years."

To find out how she fakes it and get one of Hay's Australian beauty secrets,


So how do you stay tan?
Marisa Miller:
It’s not hard to find good self tanner that’s not orange anymore. There are so many products in the Bare Bronze line — shimmer makes a big difference on the skin for hiding imperfections. It’s all about the way the light hits your skin. This sheen in the Shimmering Body Oil reflects the light differently. [All the Victoria's Secret Angels] were like "more, more, more!" When you’re on that runway it’s all you, there’s no retouching. It’s live. That was definitely the big secret of the [Victoria's Secret Fashion] show.

That’s Victoria’s Secret! What are your other beauty secrets?
Marisa Miller: Linda just used this product from Australia —she’s Australian— called Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. It has papaya extract, which is great for cracked skin and insect bites. She puts it on my lips or anywhere that’s dry, like under your eyes, or even to get a little sheen. It’s a Vaseline-type texture.

How do you take care of yourself with all the traveling you do?
Marisa Miller: I probably travel three weeks out of every month. You try to sleep whenever you can. When I first started it was hard to sleep on a plane, but now I can sleep anytime anywhere. Whenever I can, I’ll leave a little conditioner on my ends or just have a really good moisturizer and eye cream on the plane. Drink a lot of water.

How do you keep your skin in shape?
Marisa Miller: Good skin is really important, so I make sure I go to the dermatologist. My doctor, Dr. [Harold A.] Lancer, has some really great products in his line. I make sure he checks out my freckles, it’s important to be on top of that with my skin. Staying out of the sun has made a world of difference. Not that you have to hide from the sun by any means, but it’s important to use sunscreen and do it in moderation. I get facials in L.A. I’ve been going to Rita Csizmadia for probably ten years. Basically it’s maintenance, like clogged pores and things like that from all the makeup. I try to squeeze in my appointments every month.

What are your makeup essentials?
Marisa Miller: Curling your lashes instantly makes you look more awake, so if I only have a couple of minutes that's what I do, followed by mascara. Mascara and bronzer, that’s the biggest thing. My favorite bronzer is Victoria's Secret Mosaic Bronzer in Goddess. It’s easy because you can use it on all skin types. And I love High Definition Mascara, I have it on right now. It’s lengthening and not clumpy and you get good volume. I’m definitely a low-maintenance beauty person.

Well, at least in your line of work you get people to do the maintaining for you!
Marisa Miller: I know! That's the best part — you get a mini makeover every time you work!

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