This summer, two huge films feature the Greek Isles in their backdrop: Mamma Mia! and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, which opens today.

While a trip to the Greek Isles will have to remain a fantasy for me just this second, I can thank Mark for bringing an "instant vacation" right to me with their Mark Instant Vacation Greek Isles Fragrance Mist ($15).

I love the turquoise blue bottle, which reminds me of the bright waters and skies of Greece. Floral notes such as gardenia and white freesia impart a lighter tone than the predominately honey-and-coconut scent. It's a warm, slightly fruity fragrance with decent staying power (plus, it's not overwhelmingly heavy). I also like the fact that even though it is reminiscent of warmer climates, it can be spritzed well into any season. It isn't the most distinctive scent you'll ever try, but it's pleasant and fresh. One day I hope to spend more time in this beautiful Mediterranean island. For now, I'll take this journey — even if it's really only in the aromatic sense.