Mark's Latest Destination? Costa Rica
Mark's Latest Destination? Costa Rica

Avon's hip brand, Mark, has been known to take us to exotic locales through its "Instant Vacation" fragrance collections. And now, it's time to go south, to Central America. The tropical Instant Vacation Costa Rica Fragrance Mist ($16) has notes of iced watermelon, pink guava, orchid, and warm sand accord, together creating a warm, beachy scent that's not too gag-me sweet.

Pair that with the exfoliating Costa Rica Body-Smoothing Exfoliator ($10), which I personally love for its creamy lather, light fruity scent, and fine-grit scrubbing, and then get your safe-sunning on with the Costa Rica Gradual Tan Moisturizer ($8).

Of course, no vacation would be complete — even if it's one of the faux nature — without some makeup. The Costa Rica makeup shades are centered around vivid colors like electric blues, vibrant greens, and bright oranges, all inspired by the natural beauty of the country itself, including: Eye Exotics Eye Shadow Trio ($6 each); Lip Exotics Lip Lacquer ($6); and Good Glowing Mosaic Cheek Color ($7). Check them out below: