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Maryland Woman Paints Her Car With Nail Polish

Woman Paints Entire Car With Nail Polish

What would you do with approximately 250 bottles of nail polish? Why, painstakingly paint a giant colorful quilt on your car, of course.

According to The Gazette, that's just what Urbana, Maryland resident Jill Bell did. After finding a dent in her car's hood, she cleverly painted a Band-Aid over the unsightly bump. Chuckle. She liked the idea so much, she decided to paint her entire car with nail polish! Click here to check out the photos. I'm guessing (and hoping) she didn't use one of those $30-a-pop lacquers from Chanel's Moscow Collection.

Nope. What she did use? The help of others. "Lots of ladies in my church donated nail polish, and lots of ladies at Weight Watchers, too," she told the newspaper. Bell estimates that 100-250 bottles of nail polish were used to accomplish this feat — a feat that took 13 months to finish. Whoa.


JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 8 years
That is actually really cool. I wouldn't do it but I'd think it was awesome if that car drove by me.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 8 years
That is crazy. I must see pictures
lilmisscrazy93 lilmisscrazy93 8 years
I wont never do that to my car. I dont even have the patience to paint my nails.
ilovetwilight ilovetwilight 8 years
coreoftheapple coreoftheapple 8 years
I guess since she used donated nail polish it's okay... but if she had went out and bought it that would have been quite expensive and bad for the environment (all those nail polish bottles).
NouraBee NouraBee 8 years
crazy ppl are everywhere
whoiam whoiam 8 years
lol that is sooo cooll :P i wouldnt do it all maybe just some cool nice desingns here and there but she was very brave they should put the cvar ina museum! go her !!
dancentharain dancentharain 8 years
You Rock Jill Bell! we have an Art Car Parade in Houston every May, contact The Orange Show for details. We would love to see this car in person. To all you people that say there's better things to do with your time, I assume you all are working on replacing Mother Theresa, right? We're all given the same amount of time & what we choose to do with it is our own. Either way, this is awesome & she has the right to be happy about it. If anything brings the slightest amount of joy, then it's time well spent. Thank the good Lord above we're all different! keep on rockin' in the Free world Jill!!
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
Ummm...I guess if she had used the nail polish to paint one uniform coat over the entire surface I might think it was a little bit cool...but looking at the pictures, the car looks crazy. I think maybe the paint fumes got to her...
northernstar northernstar 8 years
Indian, I liked your comment very much. I don't understand why stupid people would make such negative remarks about this woman, it is not your money she used, she doesn't live under your roof - you don't put food on her table, why don't you drop suggestions of "she should have done...." this and that. Who are you to suggest what she should have done with her time? Oh right, you have the right idea what a person's life should look like. Control freaks much? Take control of your own life and mind your own business. I hate when people pretend they are something they're not. I bet neither of you saved any animals or gave any food to the poor. People have the right to do what they like with their lives and it is not your business to judge and try to direct what they should be doing.
patty4880 patty4880 8 years
Ok, so what's the big deal? Either she was bored or just wanted to do something different. Now tell me, have all of you tried feeding the hungry or rescuing animals lately? I didn't think so. Just give her a break.
DaniGirl1016 DaniGirl1016 8 years
You do not know her, so you cannot call her trailer trash! Seriously the car does not make her trailer trash! And just because you do not like it, you do not have the right to slam her work and to tell her to "keep the ugliness to herself". She did not print the articles, she was not asking for attention, and she did not put it in the web...if you do not like it, don't look at it! Art is expressive. There are many forms of art. Just because you do not like a particular form, it does not mean it is ugly or bad or wrong. Get out into the world and culture yourself! MSCARTER09...There is no need to be so childish. She worked hard on your car and for you to want to ruin it is just dumb...oh yeah and its vandalism! And just because she spent 13 months on the car does not mean that she doesn't have friends. The car looks awesome and I commend her on her work! She has dedication and passion and maybe all the haters could learn something here!
pricanprincess pricanprincess 8 years
at least the paint job came out free..but i don't know how she had the patience to paint an entire car with such a small brush..i'd do the same thing if spray polish were invented and i'd paint the car a single color with a really cool design.
Fashion-Pig Fashion-Pig 8 years
OK, I get the car. But why couldn't the lady dress up for her big photo op? I mean, it's the big payoff for your year long art project, you're gonna be famous for 15 minutes... and you wear a sweat shirt (and a Ravens shirt at that) and a knit hat? Weight Watchers is NOT gonna help you with a personal style like that. Ha! Go ahead and chow down. It's not gonna matter anyway.....
mark90066 mark90066 8 years
This is her art. If you had a passion for something you would understand the feeling is strong and wonderful. If you don’t have a love for something like music or art or sport, the feeling of being something’s student and master is intoxicating. She clearly created a piece of art. Does she NEED another reason? Bravo!
SLCSteph SLCSteph 8 years
God, some of you ladies are freaking me out. You're clearly brainwashed into becoming vacant talking dolls. "OMG!" it just makes me sad. I don't think what you do or don't do work wise is an issue, but please, for the sake of those of us that CARE about having a credible life as a female, stop talking like a valley girl! It used to be valley girls were a big joke, now they're praised. You are the reason guys think you're a toy! Maybe you like it, I did too when I was a naive moron, but there's much more to life than watching The Hills. If you can't bring yourselves to grow up, please form a union or something and go underground.
Cleopatra2U Cleopatra2U 8 years
I like it. Would I do it? No. I prefer to spend my spare time doing something productive and world-changing, like commenting on articles I read on the IntarWeb. :OY: U go, Jill! :thumbsup:
lharplizotte lharplizotte 8 years
OMG! Real paint jobs do not cost that much, starting at $100.00 and up @ a chain paint shop. Gee, I'd be embarrassed to be seen in that thing. I hope she doesn't have children!
SLCSteph SLCSteph 8 years
I don't think creativity or appreciation for it should be bashed...I wouldn't do this to my car, mostly because I know how easily nail polish chips on my nails...I figure it wouldn't do so well on a car either...Still, personalizing something is part of what makes life interesting. I'd hate to think what life would be like if we all turned into a bunch of suits driving the same one color cars. Sure, she could have turned it into a pursuit more helpful to society...but if we all had to do that with our time and never anything for ourselves...well, the word "communism" comes to mind.
katejustkate katejustkate 8 years
WooHoo!!! Now even though I don't *personally* like the way the car looks, I sure appreciate it for the work of art it is. And no, it's not crazy. It's creative. When my 3 YO daughter drew a picture of Mulan on my minivan with a rock, I wanted to paint my car, too :-) My husband had strong reservations, so I didn't. Still, it would have been fun, although I would have gone with a totally different style. Art is subjective...that's why it's art. And hey, don't worry about chipping it - just touch it up!
EmoryIsahn EmoryIsahn 8 years
Ya kno this would make one awsome art class school old beast... just for display!!! :) totally sweet!!!
saint saint 8 years
great! that's the power of will. our imagination is really infinite... awesome!
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