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Maryland Woman Paints Her Car With Nail Polish

Woman Paints Entire Car With Nail Polish

What would you do with approximately 250 bottles of nail polish? Why, painstakingly paint a giant colorful quilt on your car, of course.

According to The Gazette, that's just what Urbana, Maryland resident Jill Bell did. After finding a dent in her car's hood, she cleverly painted a Band-Aid over the unsightly bump. Chuckle. She liked the idea so much, she decided to paint her entire car with nail polish! Click here to check out the photos. I'm guessing (and hoping) she didn't use one of those $30-a-pop lacquers from Chanel's Moscow Collection.

Nope. What she did use? The help of others. "Lots of ladies in my church donated nail polish, and lots of ladies at Weight Watchers, too," she told the newspaper. Bell estimates that 100-250 bottles of nail polish were used to accomplish this feat — a feat that took 13 months to finish. Whoa.


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