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What's Your Favorite Lash-Enhancing Trick?

When I want my eyes to look extra dramatic, I always take the mascara wand and tilt it outward as I apply so that my lashes slant out, creating a "fringe" effect. It's just a little trick, but it makes a big difference for me. Another friend of mine swears by applying one coat of mascara, curling her lashes with a heated curler, and then applying a second coat for hold.

Talking with her about our favorite ways to maximize mascara, I realized that most of us probably have a mascara tip or two, and that if we pool our resources, we could come away with some serious (and seriously smart) lash-enhancing hints. So what little things do you do to get your lashes looking great? Respond in the comments, and then I'll put together an article with everyone's advice on Monday.

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marmain marmain 6 years
I curl my lashes, than apply a lengthening macara and use an eyelast comb. Then I very lightly use the lash curler again before applying a volumizing mascara.
futuralon futuralon 6 years
I guess this subject really hits close to home! My top trick for dealing with mascara is to use a metal lash comb afterwards. Some days mascara applies perfectly and I don't need it, but especially if I do more than one thin coat, it's esential. Here's another hint... when wearing a nude eyeshadow look for day, skip the liquid eyeliner and mascara and go natural! I think it looks good on me but I have dark brown, curled lashes naturally.
Miss-Kaylie Miss-Kaylie 6 years
I use 3 different kinds, one of which has 2 types within one, a primer and a top coat. I use a lash comb first, then curl each set of lashes for 20 seconds. Then apply Maybelline XXL Curl,, then Lashblast Volume + Length, then Rimmel London with Lash grow complex. I get asked at least once a week if my lashes are real or fake. It's awesome. My whole routine takes about 15 minutes, but it's worth it!!
cclouisvuitton cclouisvuitton 6 years
This is a tip i found from Jessica Simpson, she always curls her lashes with Shu Uemura then applies her favorite mascara which is Diorshow, then curls again and reapplies. It is definitely more helpful to heat up the lash curler. From Michelle Phan is her infamous business card trick to prevent smudging. My last personal tip is to go crazy with mascara then at the end you can clean up the smudges without messing up eyeshadow by using a q-tip with foundation and smudging it off. It really works!
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
I also double up on two different mascara brands. I don't know why it seems to make such a difference, but it really does! Chanel Inimitable + CG Lash Blast Fusion are usually two I use.
ktwa39 ktwa39 6 years
I use a curved brush, maybelline the falsies, and then start at the bottom and look up and wiggle the brush as I go up to get more mascara per lash then at the tips I put extra on to make my lashes look really long. Also I find that slowly closing my eyelids while putting on mascara helps!
pennypenny pennypenny 6 years
My routine might seem unnecessarily complicated, but I find that it's the only way that my otherwise super straight lashes will stay bent: I curl my lashes (always with a heated curler), and apply a layer of waterproof mascara to the top lashes. When that coat is super dry, I apply a non-waterproof one, because I feel like that gives me better separation. See? Not complicated at all!
matzsmith matzsmith 6 years
I take my brow brush and dab it in loose powder, tap off and brush my lashes with it prior to mascara. It separates them all so no globbing and use the tip of the mascara brush to apply to the upside and the down side of my lashes. Quick blow dry with the hair dryer and apply a second coat of mascara the same way. Perfection!
Smashboxchick Smashboxchick 6 years
I apply Aquaphor to my lashes the night before to moisturize and condition them and make them appear longer, then I just curl my lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara.
prblms4loki prblms4loki 6 years
I always roll my mascara on the tops of my lashes while looking down before I do my eye make up, just one really quick light coat. After I've done my eye make up, shadow, liners, the works, some of the shadow is inevitably on my lashes. I take a card (any card, those coupon cards that come in the mail from express and the Limited are especially perfect for this, I have so many!), and line it up behind my lashes, right at my lashline. I then brush my mascara (the usual way this time) up right against the card. This gets rid of any clumps, builds upon the previous mascara and the shadow residue to thicken up the lashes, leaves your ends wispy and non-crunchy, all while protecting your shadow. I never curl my lashes despite having straight Asian lashes, and this works perfectly to pull my lashes wayyyyyyy up every time. Someone once told me that it's because mascara shrinks as it dries, so if you apply a coat on the tops of the lashes, it pulls it up as it shrinks. I don't know whether that's true for every mascara or everyone, but I haven't curled my lashes since I started using that trick.
Ellenora Ellenora 6 years
If you have naturally super long lashes that almost go up to your eyebrows like I do, apply your mascara while looking down into a mirror. You won't get mascara all over your eyelids and ruin your pretty eye make-up (or if you do, it's the kind that's easily fixed with a Q-tip).
Rie-Cubicle Rie-Cubicle 6 years
I have straight, impossible to curl asian lashes. So this is my routine: Coat lashes with eyelash primer. Apply one coat of mascara. Apply second coat of mascara with fibre built-in. Curl with heated curler. Sometimes I use fibres and finish up with one or two cluster fake lashes on the outer.
myhousemd myhousemd 6 years
I wiggle my mascara wand back and forth at the roots, to get a good, voluminous look. I also apply to both side of my lashes, to help define every single lash. Finally, to make sure my lashes look their lushest, I hold the wand parallel to my lashes and brush up and out. This really makes sure they're full and feathery! (I've also found that Sephora brand mascara works the best for me, as far as avoiding clumping but giving me full coverage.)
harumphidoo harumphidoo 6 years
When I put on my mascara, I push my lashes side to side as I go up. It's kind of hard to explain, but the mascara gets on both sides of my lashes and makes them super long and thick.
Becci Becci 6 years
I will swipe the mascara on the topside of the lashes as well as the underneath curl. A make up artist taught me that!
nholcombe nholcombe 6 years
I sometimes use two different mascaras to get the effect I want! The two types of brushes - first one for volume and second one for definition - work really great together! I think it is the same effect as if you used an eyelash comb with a volumizing mascara.
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