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Beauty Byte: New Law Will Help Eliminate Seedy Massages

When you think of a massage, you probably think of treatment in a relaxing spa or deep tissue work by a medically trained expert, who helps release the kinks out of your neck. But come on, you probably also think of the naughty side of massage, happy endings and other shady territories that this business can bring.

According to the LA Times, there's been a recent push nationwide to help distinguish therapeutic massage from the not-as-legit kind by creating laws that protect both consumers and legitimate massage therapists. In fact, a new California law was recently passed, and the Massage Therapy Organization was formed, aiming to set higher standards for licensed therapists. Consumers should also look for a stamp of approval by the organization, knowing that this certification distinguishes between the reputable and the disreputable. Now, that's a happy ending.


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SFiii SFiii 4 years
I agree with Silly Girl.  Also, the laws don't really take into account Tantra and other sensual or sexual elements included in a massage for healing intent.  The laws assume that sexual experience during a massage is damaging to society, but the truth is that is not always the case, and depends upon the provider and client.  Some male  clients cannot relax with a non-sexual therapist, because they are constantly trying through mind tricks to keep their 'member' from saluting the therapist. So the result is that the client is LESS relaxed after the massage than before! And they aren't feeling safe to really go into their body and to feel and enjoy the sensations therein.  For some types of clients, a strictly non-sexual massage can actually be counterproductive, or even psychologically damaging by eliciting feelings of shame, or triggering neuroses.
SillyGirl SillyGirl 8 years
My husband and I went to a place that was inexpensive and no we could not tell - it looked just like any other place. We both experienced getting propositioned. We both caught on to the cues after the massage started but wondered if we were misinterpreting - at first, until they took the towel off and asked if I wanted extra. Just because a place is not a 5 star spa does not mean that it is automatically a happy ending place - we just happen to go to one that was. If SF didnt have such strict "laws" about this, we wouldnt have to try to avoid the cheaper places in order to avoid such an uncomfortable and intrusive experience. I would rather they just let them call it like it is. Label it a massage or label it sex. That would protect the consumer better. That way we wouldnt expect one and get offered the other.
Spiderlove Spiderlove 8 years
Ummm... can't you kinda tell which establishments are which?... I was unaware that some people could be that naive! lol
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Skeevy, ha.
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