This September, New York Fashion Week's cosmetic sponsor will not, as it was last year, be MAC. Instead, the tents will be sponsored by the much less expensive and considerably less edgy Maybelline brand. Will it be a new beginning or a big letdown? To hear the whole story and weigh in, just keep reading.. I love plenty of Maybelline products (my first foundation was Maybelline, and I can still vividly remember its texture and scent), but I have to say that it's a shakeup for Fashion Week's general image of high-end inaccessibility. And that might not be a bad thing. Maybe the world of high fashion is changing, opening up to the rest of us — between America's Next Top Model and Project Runway, we're all a lot better educated about the fashionable realm, and hot young makeup artists and designers are constantly being enlisted by the likes of Target and H&M to put out capsule collections that could pass for runway designs.

Then again, not everyone wants fashion to be so accessible. I'd be really excited about this turn of events if I didn't worry that the older, more-established designers were going to turn up their noses at the new sponsor. Some fashion houses have very little respect for anyone who's not as expensive and design driven as they are. (Of course, as ever, other cosmetic brands will sponsor certain individual shows.) So what do you think: Is this a sign of new, more accessible times for Fashion Week? Or, will the fashion crowd turn up its collective nose at a drugstore brand? I'm really curious to know what you all are thinking about this one, so tell me in the comments.