I know my obsession with hand creams borders on the ridiculous. (You don't even know how hard it was to choose my five favorites.) But look, when Ryan Gosling and I inevitably meet, I'll be well-prepared. "My, that Bella has soft and smooth skin," he'll think as we shake hands. "I must ask her on a date and uncover her secret." So to be ready for this highly plausible scenario, I like to keep my paws soft.

I've just found the perfect purse-friendly way to keep my addiction going: Nivea Soft. It comes in a small plastic jar with less than an ounce of product in it, so unlike creams that come in tubes, it runs no risk of being punctured by an errant pen. The whipped texture sinks into skin pretty quickly, and the classic Nivea scent reminds me of my grandmother. And at just 99 cents for this little container, it's a steal. I picked mine up at Walgreens, and now it's in my bag. You know, just in case I run into you-know-who.