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Enticing in her frilly innocence, one bat of her lashes and Baby has all the boys in the palm of her hand! Pretty in pink, Baby steps out in a short babydoll dress and sweet Mary Janes. She may be the youngest of the bunch, but Baby’s humorous nature keeps the others on their toes!

Baby is a powdery musk: fresh, clean, soft.

Top: White Rose, Bergamot, Freesia
Mid: Orange Flower, Tiare Flower, Jasmine Petals
Base: White Musk, Soft Woods, Vanilla, Violet

lil11ro lil11ro 8 years
These are great. I have G and it smells so good. Like coconut but not overpowering or fake smelling. and it doesnt smell like tanning lotion! plus they are affordable price and cute
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