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Men's Soaps For Father's Day Gifts

Hit the Bar This Father's Day

Tom Ford at ShopStyle

Guys can be hard to buy grooming gifts for, especially my dad. He once told me he used to use soap as a shampoo. Egads. Speaking of soap, it might seem like a simple gift, but I don't know a man around who doesn't use it. I also don't know that many dads who will say no to a bar . . . of soap, that is. Here are a wide variety of soaps made specifically for dudes, so they don't get the impression you're giving them something that skews on the girly side. Ranging in price from drugstore brand to luxe department store varieties, each soap features a guy-friendly scent, like peppermint, citrus, sage, or cedar. Some come old school-style, like soap on a rope, while others feature feel-nice exfoliators within that your man will love.

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