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The Met's Costume Institute Gala: Mary-Kate Olsen

The Met's Costume Institute Gala: Mary-Kate Olsen

Rarely one to go sleek and simple, Mary-Kate Olsen has all kinds of volume at the roots — maybe a bit too much so — but ends with simple waves at the bottom. Let me be the first (and likely the last) to say, wouldn't it be awesome if there was a bumpit buried up in there?

But I digress. Contrasting her light blonde hair is some seriously smudged darkness around the entire rim of her eyes. It makes her pupils pop, as does the darker liner highlighting her pink lips. While she's looking up, is her look doing the same?

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emalove emalove 8 years
Her hair is a mess.
cloroxcowgirl cloroxcowgirl 8 years
The hair is awful (as usual) but I like the makeup. And I really love that her dress matches her eyes exactly.
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
All I had to do was see the name and I knew I would hate it.
writerjenna writerjenna 8 years
Frizz will never be in style.
minze minze 8 years
She looks like a troll doll.
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
She looks the same as usual, but I'm not a fan.
biarose biarose 8 years
typical look for her, but still looks nice
AlexC730 AlexC730 8 years
she is so cross-eyed
niicoley niicoley 8 years
Seriously. What is the deal with her hair?
bornthisway bornthisway 8 years
pretty much her usual look.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
Yes to the makeup, but no to the hair.
solitaire solitaire 8 years
Yea, that hair is a frizzy, dry disaster. What a shame.
tellmemorex2 tellmemorex2 8 years
Her hair looks gross !
dancinlaughin01 dancinlaughin01 8 years
love the makeup, hate the hair!
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