The Obama family enjoyed a country-music concert last night, but today's buzz is less about the performance and more about First Lady Michelle Obama's hairstyle. Paying attention to her appearance is nothing new, of course. During last year's campaign, Mrs. Obama became a style icon, inspiring women with her blend of designer dresses and J. Crew basics. And when she shows off a new hairstyle, people take notice. (Right now, people are gossiping about whether this new bob is a wig, a trim, or just a new way to arrange her existing coif.)

Like Jacqueline Kennedy and Nancy Reagan before her, Mrs. Obama has become a style icon, and deservedly so. But when we're talking about the nation's first African-American first lady, the attention paid to her hair can be a touchy subject. As many black women can attest, sometimes hair isn't just hair. For instance, there's the notion of "good" hair — so much so that Chris Rock is doing a movie on the concept — and as Afrobella points out, even Malia Obama's hair is scrutinized. So is this different 'do just a new style, or is it more?