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Michelle Pfeiffer on Beauty

How does Michelle Pfeiffer stay so stunningly beautiful? Not with extensive beauty routines, according to a new interview. Instead of opting for drastic plastic surgery or spending tons of money on fancy face creams, she has a low-maintenance approach to beauty. She tells the Times:

On her routine: “I can go months, years without a mani. I never pluck my eyebrows. The make-up artists shape them only when I am doing publicity. I don’t get my hair cut between films, just when I work and I have to. As far as body maintenance goes, I do eat well and I exercise. I go at it hardcore in my gym, but that’s it.”

On warding off signs of age: “I don’t do that much to preserve. I used to worship the sun when I was younger – I’m a southern Californian girl, it was all baby oil and beach life – but now I get white spots, so I stay out of the sun. I really have to. And, you know, I read about some miracle product and think, ‘I should try that, it’s going to be great. I’m going to get that cream,’ and sometimes I go out and buy it, but I forget to use it after two weeks, or I get a rash.”

For more from Michelle,

On cosmetic surgery: “I don’t think anyone is going to be condemned for a little something done here or there, but people have lost sight of what’s beautiful. There’s a lot that you can do surgically and otherwise to make yourself look younger, yes – but not necessarily better.”

Of course, lucking out in the gene pool doesn't hurt, either. Still, it's refreshing to see an actress be so down-to-earth about her appearance. Maybe deciding to stop stressing out about aging is part of the key to looking the way she does. What do you think?


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