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Miley Cyrus at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards

Love It or Hate It? Miley Cyrus's Teen Choice Awards Look

Miley Cyrus, who despite being the host of this evening's Teen Choice Awards, found time to walk the red carpet, in her red-hued hair. The hair style is very Miley, with long flowing curls with extensions (luckily, not as obvious as this year's Grammys look). But her makeup is a little more subdued than we usually see it. I think that's a move in the right direction; after all, it can be difficult to find an age appropriate look for such young starlets. Overall her look is very fresh and clean, with a sun-kissed glow. Do you think she's the hostess with the mostest?


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sldc sldc 8 years
Snarky comment alert: She is one of those white trash girls who experience early ripe, early rot. She is way overrated and not at all attractive. I cannot stand that she is so sexualized and that her parents just profit from the whole thing.
chiquita29 chiquita29 8 years
I love the hair but she could've used some pink gloss.
emalove emalove 8 years
Not bad...age-appropriate and cute.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Eh okay...
Ellenora Ellenora 8 years
I'm so sick of hearing about Miley. It's sickening. I do think she's going to a more age-appropriate look. I do think she needs to wipe off more foundation.
DeputyJess DeputyJess 8 years
Miley Cyrus is NOT cute at all. I find it really weird that so many people are obsessed with this 15 yr old. Boo.
ranksubjugation ranksubjugation 8 years
what's wrong with the teeth? they look fake!
smhooper smhooper 8 years
she looks so cute!
Dololix Dololix 8 years
0037sammie 0037sammie 8 years
She looks a tad greasy and that horse like smile isnt helping....
gigill gigill 8 years
I think she looks really good since the makeup isn't really heavy; she looks fresh.
fashion4ward fashion4ward 8 years
Is it Miley or is it a wax figure...the world may never know! HATE HER! She's so unattractive and slutty. It sickens me to be so close in age.
mariellynelly mariellynelly 8 years
That smile of hers is terrible
allinavhcnerf allinavhcnerf 8 years
hate her, she looks so old!
me-n-myself me-n-myself 8 years
agree with sizzleduggs, age appropriate, like it
xrawk_starrx xrawk_starrx 8 years
Hate her.
sizzleduggs sizzleduggs 8 years
She looks very cute and age appropriate.
couture-yourself couture-yourself 8 years
haha. ChristinaMUFE, I'm a 23-year-old Miley/Hannah Montana lover :) I think she looks fantastic!
bythesea bythesea 8 years
I agree it's a huge improvement from her Grammy fiasco lol
Merlin713 Merlin713 8 years
I'm happy more of the skank was wiped off for this appearance. :highfive:
ChristinaMUFE ChristinaMUFE 8 years
Am I the only 25 year old that loves Hannah Montana? I love Miley Cyrus!!! Maybe it's because my family moved to TN when I was 13 so I could be a country singer or maybe it's because she's fabulous. I think it's both!
meowtomekitty meowtomekitty 8 years
I think she looks really cute!
nylorac nylorac 8 years
sigh, am i the only one who's sick of miley cyrus? i don't even think she's that cute.
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