Mintel, a company that creates "Beauty Innovation Forecasts" each year, has come out with what it says will be the beauty trends for 2010. So what does Mintel say we'll see more of? Apparently, next year will be full of these things:

  • Products that claim to enhance psychological well-being
  • A new, more result-oriented focus on natural and organic products
  • More formulations claiming to protect skin from environmental aggressors
  • Even more treatments using biochemicals and claiming to have effects similar to Botox and other cosmetic procedures.

Only thing is, a lot of these trends have been around for a while. Plus, most products that skyrocket to success start out with a groundswell of support from actual consumers, not a market prediction from on high. What do you think of top-down prognostications like this? Can someone actually predict what you'll be excited about, or is it a whole lot more complex than that?