Good luck trying to find Boots No7 Restore & Renew serum at your local drugstore. Both Target and CVS stock the cult beauty item—in theory. It's been sold out everywhere, but if you happen to be in New York City, tomorrow's your lucky day. One CVS in Manhattan, at 630 Lexington Avenue, will have a shipment of the $21.99 serum, but customers will be able to buy only one bottle.

The hubbub over Restore & Renew is that scientists have proven that it has a similar effect to Tretinoin, which is the effective ingredient in Retin-A. That's excellent for an over-the-counter product, but I can't help but think that if you have health insurance, actually getting a prescription for Retin-A might cost just a few dollars more (and you wouldn't have wait in a long line to get it). Then again, if you don't have insurance, or if Retin-A makes you peel like crazy, Restore & Renew would be a pretty good deal. Either way, I want to try the Boots serum—but I'll wait until the frenzy has died down. What do you think? Is this hype justified? (For a guide that explains what serums are, click here.)