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How-To: Mischa Barton's Closing the Ring Curls

Mischa Barton looked undeniably chic at the press conference for Closing the Ring in Tokyo yesterday. Her outfit was cool, her makeup was great — but I think her hair was the real show stopper.

I love her new bangs (they're so versatile), the toffee highlights, the extensions, and the soft curls mixed with just the right amount of volume. Want to know how to re-create it at home? If so,


  • STEP 1: Begin with clean, wet hair and apply a generous amount (about a palmful — more or less depending on the length) of mousse to hair. Follow with some curl-enhancing spray. Distribute it with your fingers and comb through using a plastic, wide-tooth comb.
  • STEP 2: Next, blow-dry hair without using any attachments on your dryer. Use your fingers to tousle the hair until it is about 90 percent dry.
  • STEP 3: Then, separate the crown of your hair from the bottom, and secure the top section. Then divide the bottom into two sections and clip them in place. Next, divide the crown of your hair into three sections: left, right, and front. Clip each of those so that you can work with one at a time. As you begin each section, lift hair at the roots and spray in a volumizer. Then, blow-dry using a medium-sized round brush to get more volume. Repeat on the two remaining sections of the crown.
  • STEP 4: By this time, the bottom sections of your hair should be dry. Take a large (one-and-a-half- to two-inch) barreled curling iron and curl an inch of hair at a time. Hold in place for about 15 seconds (hair should be hot, but not scalding) and gently unwind. Keep curling until the bottom sections are finished. Next, touch up the crown by curling slightly larger sections. Tip: don't wind the iron all the way to the roots; it looks less natural.
  • STEP 5: Lastly, bend your head over and shake it vigorously to loosen up the curls. Flip your head upright and mist your entire head with a medium-hold hairspray. Find your part using your fingers. As a finishing touch, lift the sides of your hair approximately two inches away from your face and spritz with a quick shot of hairspray. Now you're Mischa-licious!


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