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Miss Universe Contestants Without Makeup 2017

This Is What 7 Miss Universe Contestants Look Like Without Makeup

Miss Universe Contestants Without Makeup 2017
Image Source: Courtesy of The Miss Universe Organization

Going makeup free is 2017 is hardly taboo. Celebrities including Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, and Chrissy Teigen have all shared bare-face selfies or bravely walked the red carpet without a lick of makeup. Still, sharing your foundation- and concealer-free mug with the world is beautiful to look at.

Seven of the most gorgeous women on the planet took on this challenge. Contestants in the upcoming Miss Universe Competition participated in makeup-free photo shoot in the Philippines. The diverse group picked are from different ethnicities and regions that span from Germany to South Africa. They all each also shared a quote about feeling comfortable in their own skin (which you can read ahead!).

In honor of National No Makeup Day, keep clicking to see these beauties without a drop of foundation or swipe of mascara. Interested in seeing them with makeup? Check out some shots from the competition here.

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