Bald is beautiful, according to Miss Virginia Tara Wheeler. The pageant queen is trying to raise $500,000 for the St. Baldrick's Foundation, a nonprofit that raises funds for childrens' cancer research. Troubled by how little girls were teased about losing their hair due to chemotherapy treatments, she hopes that visiting children with a shaved head will provide support and solidarity. If she reaches her goal by April 11, she'll bust out the buzz cut. (If she doesn't reach the goal, and she doesn't shave her head, I call foul.)

Twenty-five percent of the money raised will go to the Children's Miracle Network and the Miss Virginia Scholarship Fund, but the rest goes to St. Baldrick's. As of yesterday afternoon, she had raised only 3% of her fundraising goal. So if you like the idea of seeing a beauty queen shave her hair off, donate online.