The smell of orange always makes me feel good. It's light, crisp and clean - all great things for Spring. These new, yummy orange body washes are refreshing pick me ups for your morning ritual shower. Lather up, take a deep breath and let the natural exfoliants and aromas of oranges work their magic. If you are as big of an orange fan as I am, you might also be interested in some orange scented perfumes.

Red Flower Italian Blood Orange Cleansing Body Wash, $20, is an oh so good smelling pure botanical body wash. It is made from flower extracts, plants and essential oils, that help nourish the skin. It is also made with honey to soften, Vitamin C to help exfoliate and tomato leaf to detoxify. This is a gentle cleanser that can be used daily.

To see another mandarin orange body wash,

Boots Mediterranean Orange Chamomile & Honey Body Wash is a strong and sweet smelling organic ( ie. earth friendly) body wash. It is made from orange oil, chamomile oil, honey to help nourish, smooth and soften your skin. Unfortunately this product isn't available yet online, but you can buy it at any Target for approx. $9.