Back in the day, Carol Alt was the big name in modeling. Today, she's known for promoting a raw food lifestyle, which she's extended to her skincare line, Raw Essentials. The vegan products are formulated in a low-temperature environment; the idea is that by minimizing heat, the enzymes and active ingredients are more potent. What I like about Raw Essentials is what isn't in it: parabens, synthetic preservatives, and synthetic chemicals. It's also cruelty-free, which satisfies my inner bunny-lover.

I've tried the Raw-finish Rigorous Face Scrub ($19.50), which uses jojoba microbeads in an aloe-and-citrus base to cleanse and exfoliate. Despite the "rigorous" part of the name, it's actually a gentle and soothing scrub. But here's where you'll either love or hate it: the eucalyptus and orange oils are extremely fragrant. If you're a fan of citrus scents, the scrub may be right up your alley. Personally, my sensitive nose is not wild about them, but your mileage may vary. I'll be trying out some other items from Raw Essentials, so stay tuned for my two cents on those.