Although blue lip glosses kinda sound sorta wacky, they actually have been created in super sheer shades to make your teeth look whiter and help cool down your skin tone. They can be worn alone or over any of your favorite lipsticks. This new trend is really chill. I love hearing about these little tricks to brighten up your face!

California Kissin' by Benefit, $16, is an instant smile brightener. This lip gloss not only freshens breath with its great minty taste, but it adds a layer of shine to your pretty pout - who wouldn't want to kiss you?

The soft blue hue makes your teeth look brighter and is just subtle enough to appear clear. But don't get too excited - you still have to wait two more weeks until this new product hits the shelves.

For one more sheer blue lip gloss,

Shu Uemura Sweet Lip Gloss in Rosemary, $18, is a pearlesque, iridescent lip gloss that cools down your overall look. It also has a soft refreshing grapefruit scent that makes your mouth water.

It is pictured here in the middle and is available in 16 translucent shades that have all been inspired by fruity jellies and jams. Mmm!