Chill out this Summer in these new cool toned blue lip glosses. Each of these light and berrylicious lip sheers have been created to make all skin tones look a little icier. Although, it does seem odd to wear this color gloss, the shades are really light and can be worn alone or over your favorite lipstick to cool things off a bit. Here are three new glosses hot off the press, but keep your eyes peeled because there are even more to come for next season!

Guerlain by Pucci Lip Gloss in Sparkling Sea, $26, is a minty looking lip gloss that has a touch of metallic sparkle. This oh so sheer color looks a lot more dangerous than it actually is. The color is super subtle and adds a touch of life to your lipstick drawer! To read about the rest of the Guerlain for Pucci Limited Edition Makeup Collection, click here.

For two more blue lip glosses,

GoSMILE Smileceuticals Lip Balm, $18, is the bomb. It has a creamy vanilla taste and contains antioxidants, vitamins, chamomile, shea butter and cocoa butter - but its secret ingredient is retinol which helps keep lips looking youthful and smooth.

Lancome Juicy Tubes Pop Ultra Shiny Cooling Lip Gloss in Icy Pop , $18, creates a cool, menthol tingly feeling on your lips a few minutes after application. It also contains little crystals that create a super high shine. It has a sweet taste and a little goes a long way with this gloss, so it's definitely worth the investment since you'll have it for a while.