I know eyeliner belongs on my face and not on bunnies or kitties, but it's not always easy to decipher which beauty products aren't tested on animals. Love PETA or hate it, you've got to hand it to the group for its annual Proggy Awards, which highlights animal-friendly people and companies. This year's winner of the cosmetic category is New York-based e.l.f.

Short for "eyes, lips, face," it not only stands out in my mind for their animal-friendly achievements, but also because most products cost just $1 . . . and no, I didn't forget any zeros. Sold at major retailers like Kmart and Wal-Mart, you can check out its selection of brushes, makeup, and more online. The brushes get rave reviews from readers, and since they're animal-friendly, I feel OK using them on my face, too.