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Ah, drinks that are supposed to improve your skin. You all may remember my not-so-amazing encounters with Glowelle and Borba, and at this point I don't think I ever want to put another vial of powdered "nutraceuticals" in my water bottle. But just when I thought the Splenda headaches and weirdly thick tinctures were behind me, I find out that there are a whole bunch of new drinks, including an antiaging version, an organic version, and one made, appealingly, with cow mammary gland proteins, slated for release over the next several months.

This segment of the beauty biz keeps growing, but I have yet to find a miracle drink. I can only conjecture that the manufacturing costs must be so low and the profit margin so high that even something that sells poorly still turns a profit. Maybe there is some wonder beverage out there just waiting for me to drink it, but I'm definitely in the doubting camp. Plus, maybe I'm a paranoid hypochondriac, but I worry about vitamin overload. Have you ever had a positive experience with a beauty drink, or are you sticking with water like me?

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Sublime-Queen Sublime-Queen 7 years
USP seal is the highest level of verification that vitamins or supplements go through. If you are someone who does need to take supplements, you should only buy supplements/vitamins with the USP seal, otherwise their nutrient contents have not been verified by any outside organization. Glowelle is costly, but as I said, I did notice that it did make my skin glow. You just have to ask yourself how much a glow is worth to you.
Cuppitycake Cuppitycake 7 years
Mgiorgi420: What's the USP seal? I was considering buying Glowelle, but my Derm said the same thing you did as far as "waste of money". Just curious since you know nutrition! :o)
GrandEntrance GrandEntrance 7 years
yeah, it's H20 for me too, with a small slice of lemon. dat's it !
Sublime-Queen Sublime-Queen 7 years
mek123- I'm a nutrition major and I can tell you supplements are mostly a joke, meaning unless you buy one that has the USP seal on it, they more than likely are a waste of money because their contents have not been tested and verified. If one were to take supplements religiously and ingest drink mixes with added vitamins, possibly over time there may be some damage, but that is an excessive quantity we would be talking about. The only supplements I take are the ones lacking in my diet, because I do understand that unless you need them you don't want your body to work harder than necessary.
mek123 mek123 7 years
mgiorgi420 - I agree that they are water soluble vitamins and your body gets rid of them but why make your body work harder. My doctor told me that are a waste of money and can actually harm you if you have any kidney or liver problems.
Sublime-Queen Sublime-Queen 7 years
mek123 - you can't overload on those vitamins, since they are water soluble vitamins. There are only 4 fat soluble vitamins with dangerous toxic levels.
mek123 mek123 7 years
I'll stick to water for drinking and not worry about the vitamin overload.
Sublime-Queen Sublime-Queen 7 years
I just received my Allure beauty box a few weeks ago, and I wanted to not like the Glowelle because of how expensive it is.... but it REALLY did make my skin glow after a few days. Bummer, because I can't afford the overpriced and icky tasting drink mix, but I can attest that it works.
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