I don't typically give too much thought to "manscaping" as a trend, but after reading this hilarious article, I can't stop. Apparently, more and more men are beginning to feel the same pressure to groom that women have long been subject to. They're shaving their armpits, waxing their nether regions, and getting laser hair removal.

And while it might be tempting to think of this as sweet, sweet comeuppance for those d-bags in college who used to talk about how girls who weren't tanned, waxed, and bleached were "ugly," I just feel sorry for these men. After all, feeling pressured to strip every bit of hair from your body constantly just so that someone will find you "not ugly" is time-consuming, expensive, and terrible for your self-esteem. Regardless of gender, you should be able to do it if you think it's fun or cute, but also be able to give it a pass without a second thought.

What's your grooming threshold for men, though? Does it all need to be bare, do you have a problem with back hair but not the stuff up front, or do you like an adorable fur-ball as long as he's well-groomed?