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Most Popular Beauty News | Jan. 6, 2013

Banish Acne, Beat Frizz, and Conquer Your Other Beauty Resolutions!

  • Take the time to get better hair, skin, and makeup skills in 2013
  • Unruly hair doesn't stand a change against these antifrizz hair tips
  • Resolve to drink more H2O to get the full beauty benefits of water
  • Manicure treatments that will prevent peeled and chipped nails this season
  • Minimize hair damage and get the healthiest hair of 2013
  • Got oily skin? An oil cleanser might be just what you need
  • Stop the itch with these all-natural remedies for eczema
  • Makeup experts reveal their favorite products to get a matte finish
  • Ideas to make sure you wash your face every night
  • How to add body to fine hair without a teasing comb
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