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60+ Mother-Daughter Tattoo Ideas

60+ Mother-Daughter Tattoo Ideas to Solidify Your Bond

  • Mother-daughter tattoos are a permanent way to symbolize your love.
  • Popular designs include symbols like hearts, flowers, and stars.
  • Words or phrases from a song lyric or childhood book are also great ideas.

It's a lucky thing to have your mom as one of your very best friends in life. Sure, you might have gotten into little squabbles over significant others and eye makeup when you were 13, but nothing compares to the bond you have with the person who brought you into this world. And what better way to celebrate that than with a tattoo? To seal your appreciation for each other with matching ink.

Perhaps there's a symbol that represents something important to you and your relationship, such as a type of flower, matching hearts, musical notes, stars, or butterflies. Another popular option is to choose a word or phrase — like from a song from your childhood like "You Are My Sunshine" or the lyrics to "Love You Forever," for example, or a book they read to you growing up — which gives the tattoo an extra meaningful touch.

Keep reading for ideas to fuel your mother-daughter tattoo inspiration, from hidden ink to small tattoo designs and beyond.

— Additional reporting by Ashley Paige

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