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Is My Hair Color Making Me Look Old?

This Hair Color Faux Pas Could Make You Look Older

Is My Hair Color Making Me Look Old?
Image Source: Ramirez-Tran Salon

Broken hearts are the worst. Broken hair cuticles may be just as bad, though — at least that's how LA-based colorist Johnny Ramirez approaches things.

Johnny is known by most of you beauty junkies as one-half of Ramirez-Tran Salon (his partner is Anh Co Tran). Just follow his Instagram account and you'll find yourself down a rabbit hole of dye inspiration. Johnny and Anh have perfected the beachy, lived-in look that so many women covet IRL and on social media.

Talk to anyone who has gone to see Johnny and they'll tell you: it's a process. This isn't your pop-in, pop-out hair color appointment. When I visited him with my shoulder-grazing bob, I spent five hours in his chair. But the finished look is what keeps us coming back . . . every six months, that is.

After my appointment, I picked his brain on how hair can age you, what products every woman should own, and why you should avoid platinum blonde at all costs. Plus, keep reading for some serious color inspiration!

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