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NARS Releases Lipstick Film With Heather Marks

Nars Releases a Short Film About Lipstick

To promote its new line of Pure Matte lipstick, Nars tapped filmmaker Tim Richardson to direct a short film starring model Heather Marks. What starts with a nod to The Lady From Shanghai's most famous scene ends up in a kaleidoscopic take on Marks's face. It's a more arty take on lipstick than your average promotional campaign. Do you like it?

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AmberHoney AmberHoney 6 years
Bella, so very true. I was just ranting cause I just got to liking the gloss so much and it's so much easier to maintain than lipstick. As usual, I'll be wearing the matte lipstick too!
Beauty Beauty 6 years
It's out tomorrow, Psychgirl. Then you can matte away 'til your heart's content. Lizlee -- Rita's amazing in that movie, right? Orson ain't too shabby himself. Amber -- all trends come back eventually. Imagine how I feel about my junior-high fashion disasters showing up on college kids. "No, don't do it," I want to tell them. "You will regret pairing lace leggings with a floral fit-and-flare dress."
psychgirl01 psychgirl01 6 years
I loved the short film but now i have a question...when does this come out?? Didn't see a date for this to come out on the market...does anyone know?
lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
I like it a lot; I'm a big fan of The Lady from Shanghai - it's my favorite Rita Hayworth movie and performance. This is beautiful, though; and it kind of makes me want to buy the lipstick (which is wierd because usually ads don't work on me)...
AmberHoney AmberHoney 6 years
It does nothing for me. I would like to comment on how the beauty (and fashion) industry is consistently changing it up - I remember (yes, I've lived a few years) when matte lipstick was "IN" and you couldn't find a gloss or shiny lipstick on the planet; then high shine lipstick came, eventually gloss (lipstick was out) and it stayed for a long time. Now that every woman is totally stocked with high shine lipstick/gloss, they bring in "MATTE". Just one more b*itch - as a lipstick queen, I've totally become a lip gloss person and now it's back to lipstick. It took me about 2 years to gloss my lipstick and then about 1 year to go gloss only. Oh the humanity! :makeup:
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