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Is Nail Polish the New Fashion "It" Accessory?

Is Nail Polish the New "It" Accessory?

In the New York Times today, writer Ruth La Ferla posits that at this Fashion Week, "picking out just the right [nail] shade is what separates the terminally clueless from the cognoscenti." These may be strong words, but also perhaps true, especially if you've seen the detail on nails like the ones at Prabal Gurung.

From a sales perspective, nail polish has been overtaking lipstick in popularity, and it's certainly become one of the trendiest cosmetics. Just check out the number of limited-edition, sold-out Chanel lacquers selling for three times their retail value on eBay. But what's your take on the trend? Do you like to wear the latest polish colors and textures, or are your beauty choices dictated more by your personal style — not just what's hot now?

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