Picture it: you're in a salon, the spa music's going, and you've just received a lovely hand massage. But then a thunderstorm, in the form of an irate client, comes in with a vengeance. This was the case of a Florida nail salon patron who recently took public violence to a whole new level.

The story of Delmilove Delme is a doozy. According to Boca Raton police, Delme went to a nail salon and asked about having her acrylic nails removed. The salon owner quoted $5 for a 20-minute process, but Delme counter-offered, saying she wanted it done in five minutes for $3 — since that's what she usually gets at another salon. Then go there, the owner said. Fair enough.

And that's when the trouble began. For the full story, keep reading.

An hour later, guess who came back to show off her nails? "Don't have an attitude or I'll punch you in the face," Delme is reported to have said.


"Go ahead," replied the owner.

Violence ensued. Allegedly, Delme shoved everything off the counter, grabbed a few bottles of nail polish, and threw them (along with a candle and a small plant) at the owner's head. She and her friends then escaped in an SUV, but they got only a few blocks before being stopped by the five-oh. Delme now faces charges of aggravated battery, vandalism to a business, and disorderly conduct. Let's hope she does her nails at home from here on out.

Source: Flickr User NCinDC