Get Natalie Portman's Tossed-to-the-Side Updo

When you're lucky enough to have a flawless complexion like Natalie Portman, you could wear a spiked mullet and still look amazing. You could even go bald. (Oh wait, Natalie's already done that.) What I like most about this look, which she wore at the Gotham Independent Film Awards, is that it's not too polished or refined, and it's slightly tousled without being sloppy. Natalie can do no wrong in my book. Do you like this tossed-to-the-side updo as much as I do?

Get tips for re-creating the look when you read more.

  • For sleekness with a little bit of texture and hold, apply a shine-enhancing gel like Paul Mitchell Texture and Shine Gel ($17) to wet hair.
  • Next, blow-dry the hair with a round brush to give the hair body and a smooth finish, focusing on creating a slight curl at the ends.
  • After parting the hair to the side in the front, gather the hair into a side ponytail in the back. Be sure to leave out a small section of hair on the side you'll be placing the ponytail. Take pieces from this section you've left, using them to form loops and soft twists, securing with bobby pins, to form a slightly tousled look surrounding the ponytail.
  • With a curling iron, curl sections within the ponytail to create more volume. Lightly tease and loosen up the style with a comb.
  • For a fun twist, place a jeweled barrette, like Style Solutions Metal Barrette ($10), into the style.
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Style Solutions Metal Barrette with Flower
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I love the side pony bun look. You'd be surprised how much it can change your look. I always wear my hair in a bun but switch it to the side and it looks so different.