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Natural Hair and Skin Care Tutorial 2009-12-23 09:00:29

The Natural: I Go Off the Product Grid

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I recently posted a story about an old family conditioner recipe made of whole milk and ferns, and reading the comments made me curious about old-fashioned product recipes made from natural, edible ingredients. So for the next month, I'm going off the product grid. (The rest of Team Bella will report on modern-day beauty goods in the meantime.) I'll be using only beauty formulas that were around when your great-great-grandparents were and, of those, only recipes that are edible and cheaply, readily available. The only exceptions? Antiperspirant (for the sake of those around me) and the nail polish I was already wearing before I started my little experiment. Oh, and I'm not wearing makeup. To see the incredible edibles I'm substituting for my usual product-heavy routine, just click through (and wish me luck!).

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