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Natural Skin and Hair Tutorial

The Natural, Week 3: Textural Analyses

Welcome back, dear readers, to another week in Natural Land. I've switched up my routine a bunch, and things have changed, as you can see — though in a few bizarro ways, too. I've got a lot to tell you, so to hear about what I've been doing, just keep reading.

So we're three weeks in and, as promised, my hair is a lot less greasy. It's also more voluminous. I followed readers' advice and tried a sea salt rinse after my lemon hair rinse, with good results. I think my hair is slowly becoming "unaddicted" to chemical surfactants and conditioners, but I've got to warn you: my natural texture is noticeably different now. It doesn't take a flat iron very well anymore, for example, and it's a lot wavier wet, as well as coarser. On the plus side, though, when I dry it straight, it has a lot of nice pouf that I never realized was possible, and it doesn't feel "fine" anymore.

My skin is generally clearer, though now instead of an all-over breakout, I've got a few big spots around my jaw and hairline that I'm assuming are hormonal. I'm still missing makeup, and over the weekend I actually used cherries to make a cheek and lip stain, which worked pretty well. My attempts to make mascara and eyeliner out of black sesame seeds and soot, however, not so much (I'll put the pics up later this week).

The strangest thing, though, is my sense of smell — the other day Mr. Bella used a scrub I usually love in the shower, and when I came into the bathroom it just smelled like a bunch of strange, foreign chemicals to me. Artificial perfumes in lotions, lip gloss, etc. are really unappealing now — even ubiquitous synthetic vanilla. It's an unexpected side effect, and one that's significantly changed the way I evaluate scent, maybe for good. I just hope I still like my favorite fragrances at the end of the month.  Now I'm wondering, has anybody had an experience similar to this, and does it get even more intense over time?

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