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3 Easy Tips For Soft, Kissable Lips

We're excited to continue our partnership with YouTube star and beauty guru Michelle Phan! Every other week, we'll be bringing you the best from her website, This week, Michelle has the lowdown on making your lips kissable just in time for that holiday party:

Hi everyone,

Mistletoe is tricky. You can’t really avoid it, since you never know when it will reveal itself. You also can’t run to the bathroom and freshen up when it finally does, because that would ruin the moment, and it’s really more of an on-the-spot kind of thing.

The ultimate bubble bath is within reach

Your best defense is to just be prepared for the possibility at all times. Here are some tips to keep your lips mistletoe-ready all season long, no matter what the weather or circumstance. Check them out now.


Note: Even if mistletoe situations are of no concern to you whatsoever, this advice is still relevant; lip care is essential year-round, but becomes increasingly important in these dry, cold Winter months.

#1: Soften and scrub

The first step to kissable lips is to get rid of any dead skin. This will not only keep them baby soft, but your lipstick will glide on and stay on better, too!

Your lips will exfoliate best when they’re soft and cooperative, so I recommend either taking a shower beforehand, creating some steam in your bathroom, or warming them up with a relaxing hot towel prior to exfoliation. There are plenty of lip exfoliates available to buy out there, but you can also easily make one yourself using sugar, honey, and Vaseline. To use, apply the scrub on your lips like a lip balm and gently rub to remove dead skin. Wipe and rinse them off with water when you’re done. If you’re in a hurry, you can also gently massage your lips with a wet toothbrush and some olive oil or Vaseline, or a wet washcloth.

#2: Moisturize and nourish

Lip balm is a must. Licking your lips because they are dry and chapped is really uncomfortable and annoying, so be proactive about moisturizing your lips this Winter. Try to find a good balm that is either oil-based or petroleum-based and contains ingredients like beeswax, cocoa butter, and a sunscreen.

Avoid products that contain fragrances, flavors, salicylic acid, and menthol, camphor, or phenol. These ingredients either provide only immediate relief or are not intended for healing dry lips in the first place. If you’re confused, a safe route is to just use some basic Vaseline or to make your lip balm yourself using my DIY lip balm recipe. Having enough water each day is an important part of maintaining moisturized lips too, so don't forget to drink up.

#3: Perfect your pout

Now that your lips are soft and smooth, it’s time for color. Find your favorite lip color and rock it — whether it’s a bold red, sweet pink, or barely-there nude, go for a hue that makes you feel extra confident. Matte lipstick works best for kissable lips because it’s less sticky and more natural looking.

That’s it! Your lips are now officially Winter- and mistletoe-ready. Just remember to keep the essentials on hand (lip balm, Tic Tac) while party hopping this holiday season, and the rest is up to chance! Good luck!

What's your essential lip care item?

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