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Naughty and Nice Stories: Share Yours

You know the saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"? Well, normally that's true, but I just read a sordid tale that didn't stay in Vegas. Let's just say it involves a woman who has a fling with an older gentleman... who has an unexpected connection to her boyfriend back home. I'm telling you, soap operas don't get this scandalous!

This story is one of dozens inspired by our sponsor Max Factor's new MAXalicious Naughty and Nice Collection, and the tales range from jaw-droppingly scandalous to sweetly innocent—just like the Naughty and Nice gloss collection itself. These sexy new glosses come in 28 different shades and are not at all sticky—all you get is shine, shine, shine.

To share your own story, click here. And here's a hint: To read the most twisted tales, check out Golddigger and Stood Him Up. Juicy stuff!

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