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Navy Shower Poll

Do You Take Navy Showers?

Did you know that taking a 10-minute shower uses up to 60 gallons of water? Yep. But a Navy shower — in which you get wet, turn the water off while cleansing, and then rinse — uses less than a 10th as much. Over the course of a year, one person can save almost 15,000 gallons of water. It's an ecologically sound idea, but putting it into practice on a cold January morning might be tough. Do you conserve as you clean, or are you a shower lingerer?

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mshogan mshogan 6 years
If you are worried about the amount of water you are using in the shower, try changing your shower head. Some shower heads really use a lot less water, without taking away the water pressure, plus you'll save money on your utility bill.
matzsmith matzsmith 6 years
Navy all the way baby!! I got other things I like to spend my $$ on that bring me more pleasure than letting it go down the drain!
thesterrious thesterrious 6 years
wasting water while showering is my guilty pleasure...
susan1326 susan1326 6 years
Not a lingerer, but not a super-short showerer, either. I waste my water on long, relaxing baths at night and then shower in the morning to wash my hair.
mejenna mejenna 6 years
I started doing this occasionally when using my new clairsonic brush, mostly because I started taking a lot longer showers while exfoliating. Maybe I'm neurotic, but it stresses me out if I think Im paying too much for the water bill, so this type of shower-taking is more relaxing to me!
Dorycubana Dorycubana 6 years
"I'm pretty eco-frinedly ut of the shower". sound like being a Christian during the holidays, for the tree, cokiies and gifts, but not when it comes to confession and Sunday mass. lol. either you are eco-friendly and behave green whenever or you are not. You could have at least promised you'll try to do it in the future and make a habit of it. I see a lot of poor family children did it regularly and did not think they were less clean or warm. so there's a point. The one thing I do not like is this pidgeonholing about Europena ways. "A lot of Europeans do this kind of showering as well." who told you this? I know more American who HAD to do this, because of faulty faucets, water mixers, small hot water tanks.
Frenched Frenched 6 years
I'm a shower lingerer, I'm sorry! Usually my showers will last from 10 to 15 minutes. It's my one indulgence! I'm also petty eco-friendly outside of the shower.
stephley stephley 6 years
I keep most showers to around 6-7 minutes, except once a week when I indulge myself - they're too relaxing not to.
simplystella simplystella 6 years
I've always had showers like that - and I do the same when I'm brushing my teeth :D I love to think that something as easy can be as good for the environment :)
bohokitty bohokitty 6 years
When I was a kid we took showers like this ( there were six of us and we had a smaller hot water tank.) Now that I'm older I usually take too long in the shower.
ChilePepper ChilePepper 6 years
ha, i had no idea this had a name! my husband has always showered this way (no military background, just trying to save on gas & water in a poor family growing up), and i've started too, but only out of necessity - our wonky shower gets hot for about 2 minutes, then goes cold again. to get hot water again, you have to turn the dang thing off, wait 2 minutes, then turn it on for another couple of hot minutes. drives me nuts, but i guess i'm helping the environment!
Rouge14 Rouge14 6 years
I didn't know it even had a name, but that's how I've been showering since I was a kid, that's how me and my brothers and sisters have been taught to shower. To me it's completely logical that I need to turn the water off when I don't need it, of course it is hard to do over winter (and I do love to linger under hot water to keep me warm) but knowing there are millions of people in the world who don't even have access to drinkable water or are unable to take showers, I just couldn't feel good with myself knowing I'm already lucky to have what they don't, and take the luxury of wasting it, especially because I tend to not realise how much time I spend in there :s
Sundaydrive Sundaydrive 6 years
I've just started taking cooler showers. It actually feels great in the summer when its 90+ outside. I don't take longer showers, so this way I'm still saving energy while not having to readjust the water temp every few minutes!
Beauty Beauty 6 years
Interesting -- I'm surprised so many people take Navy showers already. I should do it more often. I take quick showers but, like many of you, I get cold easily. Lotuslight, that's a funny story. Your husband sounds like a kidder.
Darkmatterbeing Darkmatterbeing 6 years
I linger in the shower too but I'm up for saving water :)
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