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Neroli Oil

Definition: Neroli Oil

Neroli is an extremely precious and expensive material. It is a fragrant oil that comes from the orange blossom (also known as the bitter orange flower) and it grows mainly in Morocco, Tunisia, Spain and various other areas of southern Europe. It has a soft, fruity smell that has become increasingly popular in many of today's fragrances.

One of the reasons neroli oil is so costly is because once the blossoms are picked, they are almost immediately distilled since the quality of the oil will weaken once the flowers begin to wilt. Therefore, it can not be harvested and dried should any crop issues arise.

Neroli oil has many different beauty benefits such as excellent skin toning and brightening properties. It is also good for problematic (blemished) skin, stretch marks, scars and mature skin since it improves elasticity as well as circulation.

Other common uses for neroli include antiseptics and antibacterials. It is also believed to treat those who experience hormonal surges during menopause or bouts of PMS — good to know!


reginosky reginosky 9 years
thanks, micaelabella!
micaelabella micaelabella 9 years
I have not used neroli for stretch mark but I have used various concoctions w/ the shea butter base. Shea butter is fab for stretch marks as well becuz of it moisturizing properties- pure shea butter... Start, as I did Empty clean jar- put in 3 tbs of butter and a 1/2 tsp to a few drops of oil. The butter is a bit stiff but the friction in mixing will emulsify, which you will do in your palms before you spread and targeted area. Make sure you do a patch test w/ the oil to see if any reaction occurs, as pure oils are potent! The cream is rich so start at night, if you can hanlde the texture do mornings too ( just spread more thinly). Soo many great recipes for all our common issues!
reginosky reginosky 9 years
micaelabella, how would you apply that shea butter + neroli mixture for stretchmarks? just at night? have you ever used it for that purpose? thanks!
swtsunkisses88 swtsunkisses88 9 years
treatments for PMS... gotta love those ;)
htiduj htiduj 9 years
thanks micaelabella!!!! i am definitely going to do that!
plasticapple plasticapple 9 years
Wow, I had no idea it was used for all those things. I'll definitely have to pick some up!
micaelabella micaelabella 9 years
htiduj- find it in it's pure oil form ( you can order it online) and mix it with pure shea butter from L'Occitane...
htiduj htiduj 9 years
does anybody know of any products that have this oil in it -- to use on scars and stretch marks etc etc etc?
cocomademoiselle cocomademoiselle 9 years
I had already read Neroli oil is good for treating pimples or acne but I didn't know about its other many benefits. Decleor uses it in its Decleor Aromessence Neroli. I would like to try it someday but it is a little expensive.
kerish kerish 9 years
mmm.. I have a bitter orange tree in my backyard ...just need to know how process this oil and am good to go!!
micaelabella micaelabella 10 years
Something to be aware of, as with most essential oils, they can have various effects for dif people- Neroli causes me a bit of anxiety, and it is typically used to calm... Some pure essential oils are great to add to hand soaps because they are naturally antibacterial and Lavendar is great for blemishes dab it right on with a q-tip...
aimeeb aimeeb 10 years
I could some now, total PMS!
CiaoBella2 CiaoBella2 10 years
L'Occtitane has a very nice Neroli eau de parfum,
SaritaR SaritaR 10 years
I love the fragrance and I never knew you could use it for all of those other reasons - that's great.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 10 years
Wow! Interesting! Sounds like it will be a little on the rpciey side ;)
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