Neroli is an extremely precious and expensive material. It is a fragrant oil that comes from the orange blossom (also known as the bitter orange flower) and it grows mainly in Morocco, Tunisia, Spain and various other areas of southern Europe. It has a soft, fruity smell that has become increasingly popular in many of today's fragrances.

One of the reasons neroli oil is so costly is because once the blossoms are picked, they are almost immediately distilled since the quality of the oil will weaken once the flowers begin to wilt. Therefore, it can not be harvested and dried should any crop issues arise.

Neroli oil has many different beauty benefits such as excellent skin toning and brightening properties. It is also good for problematic (blemished) skin, stretch marks, scars and mature skin since it improves elasticity as well as circulation.

Other common uses for neroli include antiseptics and antibacterials. It is also believed to treat those who experience hormonal surges during menopause or bouts of PMS — good to know!