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Neutrogena Figuratively Turns the SPF Up to 11

I know I sound like a broken record: Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock. But if I sound repetitive, it's only because slathering on SPF is the best way to take care of your skin. Not only does it prevent premature wrinkling and spotting of your complexion, it can help prevent skin cancer. As a wise man named Jay-Z once said, it's so necessary.

Most dermatologists recommend wearing SPF 30 every day, and that's what I do on overcast days. If it's sunny, my inner heliophobe comes out big time, and I amp up the SPF number. Now, Neutrogena has come out with a sunblock that sports a whopping SPF 100 — and no, that isn't an extra zero. I'd had lousy results with their SPF 70 last year, finding it too thick and fragranced, so I expected more of the same. Not so! This broad-spectrum sunblock goes on easily, sinks into skin well, and won't knock you over with its scent. If you plan to go outside this Summer, feel free to join me in my SPF overcompensation.

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glam-sugar glam-sugar 8 years
I might have to try that, I had melanoma so sun protection is so necessary.
deep-purple deep-purple 8 years
spf 100!!!! but it has uva&uvb?
myystque myystque 8 years
I've heard that once you get past SPF 30, you don't get much extra benefit.
Florida-Snow Florida-Snow 8 years
Ah thank the gods and goddesses I have more defense against the Caillech's sun on my pretty Irish skin!
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
I use this and I like it a lot! Believe me, when you live somewhere that gets up to 120 in the summers and you're as white as me you will use anything you can to not burn. So far (it's only gotten up to 103 so far this year) it's held up really well. I have to work outside once a week (at a zoo) and haven't gotten a burn yet. Whether Im over compensating or not, for me, it's better than a burn!
prblms4loki prblms4loki 8 years
I have this in SPF 70 and 50, and I use the 70 for sunny days, and the 50 for cloudy days, but I have to say that I HATE the SPF70. It's gummy, it somehow turns my face into a slick mess, does not stay put, and messes up my makeup even with primer on. That said, why do I use it? Because it's the only stable sunscreen that is mass-marketed. Though my derm said that SPF50 is plenty and should be fine for everyday, I'm paranoid since I burn incredibly easily. Is this really that much better Bella?
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
a also agree, after a level then it could be spf 150 and it would work the same as the threshold level spf
emalove emalove 8 years
I have to get this! I have this in SPF 70 and love it.
vanilla19 vanilla19 8 years
I agree with petitemint. It seems like once you get to a certain point, it's all the same.
Xandara Xandara 8 years
I just bought some of this over the weekend and can't wait to try it! After having melanoma, when I learned about the existence of SPF 100 I nearly cried in happiness, LOL
ahles ahles 8 years
Blocking uvb doesn't affect how we make vitamin D?! "Vitamin D3 is made in the skin when 7-dehydrocholesterol reacts with UVB ultraviolet light at wavelengths between 270–300 nm, with peak synthesis occurring between 295-297 nm" "According to Michael F. Holick, M.D., Ph.D., of the Boston University School of Medicine, a sunblock with SPF 8 reduces the skin’s vitamin D production by 95 percent. “If you wear sunscreen ‘properly,’ you’ll become vitamin D deficient,” he says. Don't get me wrong, I love the availability of high spf sunblocks for the days I absolutely have to be outside between 10-4 (though prefer tinted non-chemical as some of the chemicals give rashes or itching). I lived in spf blocking clothing and used parasols about constantly when I lived in the desert. Unprotected, I would start to burn in under 5 minutes on sunny days, even in January. But for many other climates, where folks have the sense to stay off the beach at mid-day or out of tanning beds, sunscreen daily is only going to contribute to increased vit. d deficiencies, which are already rather high from poor nutrition.
petitemint petitemint 8 years
I've got to say that when it comes to that high level of SPF there IS such a thing as overcompensation. I love Neutrogena, but they are really playing on consumers' fears with this one. High SPF coverage daily is a must, especially for those who burn easily or have a family history of skin cancer. Nevertheless, the chemicals used in the suncreen/SPF formula are not exactly great for you, and after you reach SPF 50, the level of protection doesn't really get much higher. For example, there is a huge leap in sun protection between SPF 15 and SPF 40, but not so much between SPF 50 and SPF 85. I don't think many dermatologists would tell you to use an SPF 100, because you can get almost exactly the same coverage with SPF 50, and without slathering extra chemicals on your body.
jocupcake jocupcake 8 years
Um... spf doesn't tell you about UVA protection, it is only a measure of UVB protection. UVA radiation is a major cause of aging and skin cancers too. When you buy a sunscreen you shouldn't just look at the SPF, you should look at the actual ingredients and make sure they efficiently block UVA radiation. Currently there is no standard of measurement for UVA protection in the US.
xemailheather xemailheather 8 years
Can this be used on your face?
macgirl macgirl 8 years
My husband had a level 4 melanoma on his back so we are huge on the sunscreen (especially since we live by the beach). I've been lax about using it as I hate the Neutrogena 70. I'll have to find some of this to see if it's better!
kscincotta kscincotta 8 years
I've found that the Neutrogena sunblocks with higher SPFs don't stay absorbed in my skin very well and end up leaving white stuff all over my clothes. I've been sticking to SPF 50 or lower, but if this stuff is better than the SPF 70 formula, maybe I'll try it out.
tatsauce tatsauce 8 years
"Leightweight" is that a new word? Or did Neutrogena really print a typo on a product?
sarasonne sarasonne 8 years
Using sunblock to block UVAs and UVBs doesn't affect how our bodies make vitamin D.
ahles ahles 8 years
Being a pale redhead, I used to have to get spf 60 brought to me from friends visiting in Canada. Anything less and I burned in a heartbeat! To see the availability of higher and higher spf here now that they've said it will reduce wrinkles cracks me up. I just wonder how those wearing it every single day will affect their vitamin D levels.
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
I would probably look like a patsy ghost if I put this on and I am African American
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
This is great, thanks for the review.
blondie829 blondie829 8 years
whoa 100!!
michaeluvnikita michaeluvnikita 8 years
wow i didn't think spf 100 was possible. Like aimeeb says nothing is getting through. Too bad these things are not gel like. I'm african american and there is no way i could ever wear this. Without looking like a clown.
telane telane 8 years
I am definitely getting this!!! I think there is no such thing as overcompensation when it comes to sunscreen, Bella!
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