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New Antiquity Fragrances Based on the DNA of Dead Celebrities

I Smell Dead People

If you want to smell like Marilyn Monroe, it's well-known that she was a Chanel No. 5 devotee. But what if you just want to smell like her genetic code? Well, now there's a fragrance out there to help you do it. A company in LA has come out with a line of perfumes called Antiquity that it says are supposed to smell like various deceased stars' DNA.

I, personally, was unaware that my DNA smelled any way. But the company says that it's got a "secret process" using hair strands collected from people like Marilyn, Einstein, Elvis, and a ton of others that it uses to make these scents. Which still doesn't at all explain how you could make a fragrance based on genes. What do you think about this? Does the vagueness, secrecy, and appeal to "science" make it sound like a crock, or do you think there's something to this idea?

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