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New Bikini Wax Tattoo

Move Over Vajazzling, Here Comes Bikini Ink

Bored with spackling rhinestones all over your ladybits already? Never fear, there's a whole new kind of bikini wax extra to leave your lover slack-jawed: custom airbrush bikini tattoos. For $75, trained estheticians at Completely Bare in New York will airbrush on a flower, butterfly, sun, or calligraphic word in the color of your choosing. The faux ink is supposed to last for five days and is waterproof, though stuff like baby oil and alcohol will remove them — so you can forget that hot oil massage.

This is a pretty fancy fake tattoo, although given the Chanel and Kat Von D faux ink sets that have come out lately, spendy temporary tats are clearly having a moment. What do you think? Are bikini-line temporary tattoos gonna be so hot we'll need a fire extinguisher? Or are they another pubic enemy?

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