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New Dryerhair Stand Alone Hair Dryer

Too Minimalist For a Regular Hair Dryer? Try This One

When you think of hair dryers, does the word "elegant" come to mind? Because for me, they're often more about cacophonous sound and lots of buttons. Apparently, though, the people at Industrial Facility think your hair-drying implements should be as sleek and utilitarian as an Eames chair. They've designed the Dryerhair, which basically solves all the usual hair-dehydrating conundrums. You store the cord inside the dryer, it's small enough for travel, and it stands on its own, so no need for a hook or other storage space. It's not in mass production yet, but if it does become available, would you be interested in a dryer like this?

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NotABot NotABot 7 years
Well, I guess one of the other questions would be "How well does it work to actually dry my hair?"
chequettex chequettex 7 years
I think I would be interested! I don't have a lot of counterspace in my bathroom so it would help to have a hairdryer that is small and stands on it's own. My styling routine has me turning off the blowdryer a few times for brush switches and such, so that would be awesome. Also, I have thin/fine hair so I don't need a lot of airpower - just a warm breeze will do the trick. Sign me up!
BATFgirl BATFgirl 7 years
This looks really strange. You should have made a post like "Guess what this beauty tool is"...I'm sure you would have gotten some pretty hilarious answers..
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