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Are New FDA Cosmetics Laws on the Horizon?

Regulation Station: Are New FDA Cosmetics Laws on the Horizon?

This week, regulators from all over the world will be meeting in Tokyo to discuss a number of issues in the global cosmetics industry, including standardizing labels internationally, ingredient safety, and the growing use of unregulated nanomaterials in over-the-counter products. Given the relatively low levels of regulation for cosmetics ingredients and the recent findings about lead in lipstick, I'd say it's about time for a re-evaluation of the safety of the products we put on our eyes and mouths every day. But, do you think meetings like this actually accomplish anything? And given how powerful large cosmetics companies can be, do you really think there will be any substantive reform?

mondo mondo 8 years
I think this is necessary, especially after the news about the high lead levels found in lipsticks. People need to know these facts so they have the options to choose products wisely. I shudder to think about pregnant woman being told they can't dye their hair but were slathering on lipstick without warning.
Florida-Snow Florida-Snow 8 years
Is this really a big issue? I suppose I should count myself blessed that I have no known allergies or anything, but I just haven't been exposed to a whole lot of litigation or scandal concerning beauty product regulation that would make me pay attention.
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