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New Focus on Curly Hair in Retail

Curly-Haired Ladies Are Finally Getting Some More Love

For years, the hair care industry gave short shrift to women with curly hair, but in the last couple of years that's been changing. Now even mass market outlets like Target are starting their own curl-centric sections.

Why the shift now, though? Industry experts attribute the change to the ever-dwindling number of women who are relaxing their hair. The numbers are actually expected to decline another 23 percent by next year, which suggests more women are embracing their natural texture. Of course, there's always the money angle, too; ladies with ringlets have been underserved, and now the industry recognizes that its lopsided view was neglecting a lot of profitable heads of hair. Look for retailers like Target, Sephora, and HSN to unfurl their curls over the next few months.

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Krissy90220 Krissy90220 7 years
As a natural/ curly haired blogger I'm happy about the new products that's getting love. As far as Target goes...there's still a lot of changes being made. I can't keep my posts updated fast enough ::head spins::
ehlegirl ehlegirl 7 years
At 65, I have embraced my curls and after trying many products, now use only OUIDAD. Try them out, you'll be thrilled!
misslilad misslilad 7 years
as a curly haired woman, i like it.
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