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New From Crest: Nature's Expressions Toothpaste

New From Crest: Nature's Expressions Toothpaste

If you are looking for a new way to make your teeth look even more beautiful, you might be interested in Crest's New Natures Expressions Toothpaste, $2.99. It will be available in stores this April in three exciting flavors: Pure Peppermint Fresh, Citrus Clean Mint and Mint and Green Tea Extract.

These toothpastes are bursting with flavor! People believe that energizing properties add special touches to their day to make them more beautiful. These toothpastes make you feel energized, invigorated and refreshed. The concept behind this new line is that women are moving toward products that are all natural but they feel conflicted leaving their loyal brands they grew up with.

Crest is expanding so you can continue to be brand loyal to a company that's been creating toothpaste for 50 + years. They have natural flavors and are minimally processed (it won't alter their molecular make-up).

Its unique formula balances health and beauty benefits that, with regular brushing: fights cavities and tartar buildup, removes plaque, helps freshen breath and helps whiten teeth.

To read more about why peppermint, citrus and mint and green tea flavors were chosen, read more

  • Pure Peppermint Fresh features the highest quality peppermint harvested primarily from the Pacific Northwest. It also uses natural peppermint oil due to its richness and quality. Peppermint was chosen because it provides lasting fresh breath.
  • Citrus Clean Mint contains a main note of lemon which is primarily harvested from Italy and China. It also contains high quality lemon oil which is derived from cold pressing the peel (zest) of the lemon. Lemon and mint were chosen because they provide a fresh and clean sensation.
  • Mint and Green Tea Extract contains natural green tea extract which is harvested primarily from China. This flavor was chosen because it has long been a popular flavor in Asia and has quickly gained popularity domestically as more consumers discover its subtle, fresh flavor and powerful health benefits.
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