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New Japanese LED Mouth Grills

LED Grills: For When You Need Greener, Glowier Teeth

LED has been a big beauty trend in Japan and South Korea of late, from these eerily beautiful luminescent eyelashes to new glowing grills that light up your teeth in neon shades. I'd definitely swipe some of those LED lashes, but I'm not sure about these grills. The video illustrating how these babies work is called "Party in the Mouth," which I am way, way too immature not to giggle at. Check it out (no sound required) and tell me if you'd consider wearing this mouthful to your next rave:

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Miriam-Lacey Miriam-Lacey 6 years
Anon, my apologies if I got the country of origin wrong on the eyelashes; the story I linked to said they were from Japan, and so I took that to mean that they were. It was a sourcing issue, and had nothing to do with my not being aware that South Korea and Japan are very different places. It would be rather sad if you mistook me for an "ignorant American pig" and used a bunch of vague, highly polemical and stereotypical epithets against me instead of seeing someone who would have responded to your correction immediately upon being notified.
classicmomstyle classicmomstyle 6 years
Tabloid Tabloid 6 years
These girls are soo weird. They walk like dead people. :S Are their going to smile the whole time?! That's redonkolous.
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