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New Lip Gloss Inspired by a Romance Novel

That's One Hot, Bodice-Ripping Lip Gloss

If you're a fan of steamy paperbacks and shiny, pouty lips, then you may be very pleased today, because next month, the people at Three Custom Color Specialists are launching a new lip gloss called White Heat ($21.50), a hot pink shade complete with silver-white and opalescent shimmer, all inspired by the work of romance novelist Brenda Novak. It might seem like an odd collaboration, but the author seems really psyched about it, saying, "lip gloss is the one beauty essential I can't live without, so you can imagine how pleased I am to have found a company that can customize shades."

Cross-promotional nature of the deal aside, lots of women do love both bodice rippers and lip stuff, and we can see this doing very well, especially given the success of similar lines brought out to promote recent movies, like Alice in Wonderland. What do you think? Would you buy makeup based on a sexy work of modern fiction, or not so much?

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marieli marieli 6 years
cant wait to get it
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
That looks like a really tiny pot of lipgloss for being nearly $22.
smart-blonde smart-blonde 7 years
This is good work on the part of the publisher's publicity team as well as Three Custom's. Brenda Novak already has an established track record of readers who were buying her books regardless of whether they came with lip gloss, and now Three Custom has the chance to reach an audience they know will buy the book, hopefully seeing the lip gloss as an extra goodie. If I had any skills with cosmetics (I do have skills with books!), I would totally start an all-literature-inspired cosmetics company. Unless one already exists, which it might.
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