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New Lipsmackers Vitamin Water Schticks

Lip Smackers and Vitamin Water Get Together

We Bellas were always pretty fond of good old Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker because it's delicious, moisturizing, and has the perfect hint of color. But for those of you in need of something a little less soda pop, your favorite middle-school lip balm brand has now teamed up with Vitamin Water to make Vitamin Schticks ($3).

The lip balms come in the same flavors as the electrolyte- and mineral-filled beverages. (Think Power-C, XXX, and Focus.) They're good for lips, too, because they contain both vitamin E and sunscreen. It seems like this might be an attempt by Bonne Bell to market to guys — especially because 50 Cent is associated with the water — but regardless, do you think you'd try one of these?

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